The Owners Box teaches business and entrepreneurial education to the youth in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We believe teaching entrepreneurship better prepares students for success in business and other future career and education endeavors and helps them become contributing members of society. Participants will learn real world business skills: team building, leadership development, financial management, verbal communication, and business etiquette through interactive lessons and exercises. Participants also learn how to successfully negotiate for business materials, set goals, and recognize real business opportunities.


The Youth Entrepreneurship Program presents the perfect opportunity for innovative young adults in Dallas County, and entrepreneurial ventures. Through a range of events, seminars, activities, and working sessions, participants ages 12-18 will understand how to develop their creative entrepreneurial side and re-invent their notions of “tomorrow”. This is accomplished via three key strategies:

  1. Business Plan Competitions

This is for students and young entrepreneurs who have a business or business idea and are looking to take the first steps towards success. The Youth Entrepreneurship Program holds an annual business plan competition where high school and college students compete for scholarships and have an opportunity to:

Take it to the next level!

It is time to take your business to the next level but you need a little help doing it. Our Business Plan Seminar Series will help you develop the skills and tools you need to successfully build your business plan and present it effectively.

Win start-up Money!

What you do here can change the direction of your company. This is not just an opportunity to learn and create a path of opportunity for your company; this is a true competition with real prizes that you can use to make your business plan a reality. It only requires your time and effort!

Get exposure for your business!

The more exposure your business has the better! This business plan competition is more than just competition. It is also about networking with like minded individuals. It is about getting your name and your companies name out there where you just might find a future partner, collaborator, supporter or even investor!

2.  Networking Events

This is for anyone who has ever had a business, a great idea or simply wants to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial community; the Youth Entrepreneurship Program holds a variety of events meant to connect entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

3. Seminars and Workshops

This is for young entrepreneurs who have already started a small business and are looking to grow it, the Youth Entrepreneurship Program offers YEP 2.0. This is an intensive series of seminars and workshops that focus on taking your business to the next level. Topics include:


  • Are you an entrepreneur?

  • The BIG Idea

  • Market Research

  • The 4P’s of Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Video Marketing

  • Finances

  • The Business Plan